Hypertection Announces Subscription to the 1st Agentless Hypervisor-Based Antivirus Beta-Version

Hypertection Announces Subscription to the 1st Agentless Hypervisor-Based Antivirus Beta-Version

Hypertection has recently announced the completion and launch of the first agentless, antivirus software for the virtual space. This beta-version subscription has now been made available free of charge, with the company’s only request being honest feedback from the user about their product experience. Hypertection, a software company and subsidiary of Apriorit, provides state of the art security solutions for the virtual environment.

The agentless, antivirus software works on a hypervisor level, without the need for any agent association for virtual machines. Hypertection firmly believes that their agentless platform is the most “virtualization-oriented” and promising solution available.

“The modern virtualization market shows strong growth potential, and specialists admit not only to the increasing number of virtual machines, but the increasing density of virtual machines per host”,

said Dennis Turpitka, CEO and Founder of Hypertection.

In the current market conditions, ‘virtualization-friendly’ solutions should not limit the efficiency capacity of the host, and should not boost your license’s costs – rather, it should use all the benefits currently offered via the virtual world. The solution should be agentless, providing both real system resources savings and a more secured environment for all parties involved.

“These concepts provided the beginning of our new solution, helping us to resolve a number of security, performance and reliability tasks on just the architecture level along. Today, we have successfully reached the final project’s stages, enabling us to offer the beta-version of Hypertection. Comprehensive feedback from users is extremely important for us to adjust the product’s features and benefits, to meet the needs of real-life situations”,

adds Turpitka.

Hypertection is agentless solution residing in the virtual environment at the hypervisor level, performing both virtual machine introspection and antivirus scanning. With Hypertection, there is no future need to install anti-virus on each virtual machine. When using other systems, such as Symantec’s Endpoint Protection or McAfee’s MOVE, installation of anti-virus agent would be required on every machine. At the same time, Hypertecton is truly agentless; it doesn’t require agents residing on each virtual machine, or any machine for that matter, unlike VMware vShield agent requirements for Trend Micro’s Deep Security.

Hypertection’s only component is installed on the hypervisor, where it is able to perform all scanning and analysis. All online and offline virtual machine snapshots on all hypervisors within the network, can be scanned using the single Remote Control Panel.

For more information about Hypertection’s products and services, and to subscribe to the recently launched beta-version, visit www.hypertection.com.

About Hypertection

Hypertection (www.hypertection.com) is a virtualization software vendor based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Apriorit, Inc., Hypertection’s primary focus is providing security to virtual environments.

Apriorit (www.apriorit.com) is an advanced software research and development company, headquartered in Ukraine, focused on providing virtualization, cloud computing and computer security to its end-users. Apriorit has been providing solutions via custom software projects for its international clientele for over 9 years.

Source: Hypertection
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