IBA and PTC Conduct Workshop on CALS Technologies

IBA and PTC Conduct Workshop on CALS Technologies

On June 14, IBA and PTC conducted the workshop Product management at all stages of lifecycle. Modern approach. Held in Minsk, Belarus, the event gathered more than 50 representatives of over 30 industrial enterprises and engineering companies.

The seminar was aimed at exploring modern computer aided design (CAD) and continuous acquisition and lifecycle support (CALS) systems, finding new ways to increase competitiveness and efficiency of the design preproduction stage, discussing product lifecycle at the production stage, and sharing experience the implementation of CALS technologies at Belarusian enterprises.

Sergei Akoulich, IBA First Deputy CEO, and Sergei Butiaga, PTC Channel Technical Manager, welcomed participants of the event.

Akoulich said: “The effectiveness of PTC solutions is proved by experience of our Belarusian customers, including Peleng, MAZ-Kupava, and Agat-System. The number of enterprises that implement innovative products and technologies grows each year.”

At the event, IBA, PTC, MAZ-Kupava, and Agat-System delivered the following presentations:

  • New CAD technologies in CREO 2.0
  • Product development. Are you still in the 60s?
  • Corporate information management system
  • Electronic product description
  • Engineering data management system
  • Technical product documentation: development and management
  • Operational stage: product support.

At the IBA booth, the visitors were able to learn more about the projects implemented by IBA at Belarusian enterprises using CALS technologies.

Leonid Bokun, IBA Business Development Director, commented: “Today we have an opportunity to present IBA projects and offerings. High activity showed by the participants of the workshop bespeaks of its topicality for Belarusian companies. This is a clear evidence of the growth of customer interest to information technologies in general, and to computer aided design and product lifecycle management in particular.”

Source: IBA Group

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