IBA at Man of Business 2011 Award Ceremony

IBA at Man of Business 2011 Award Ceremony

IBA participated in a reception devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Belarusian business magazine DELO (East + West). At the reception, the most successful owners and top managers of local and international businesses were honored.

Representatives of the Belarusian government, local governing bodies, and diplomatic missions, as well as prominent Belarusian and foreign entrepreneurs, and public and political figures attended the event.

Prof. Petr Nikitenko, Adviser to the National Academy of Sciences and Head of the DELO Public Editorial Board; Viktor Zhuk, DELO Editor–in–Chief; and Lilia Ananich, First Deputy Information Minister of Belarus, greeted the audience.

The laureates were awarded in 12 nominations:

  • For stable and effective work on the Belarusian market
  • For successful implementation of new technologies and management methodologies
  • For significant contribution to the development of foreign economic relations of Belarus
  • For facilitation of the development of the agrarian sector of Belarus
  • For high quality business services
  • For impeccable behavior in complicated market situations
  • For creation of an innovative company
  • For attraction and effective use of foreign direct investments
  • For raising the prestige of the trademark “Made in Belarus”
  • For the most original business idea implemented by a local entrepreneur
  • For significant contribution to the development of the financial market of Belarus
  • For the support of a high standard of a foreign trademark on the Belarusian market.

Anatoly Savenok, Director General of Belarusian Steel Works, was selected the winner in the category “For significant contribution to the development of foreign economic relations of Belarus”. Sergei Levteev, IBA CEO, and Alexander Averyanov, Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, gave a diploma and a trophy to a winner’s representative.

Other winners included top managers of the medicine producer Borisovskiy Zavod Medicinskikh Preparatov, Grodno tobacco factory Neman, confectionery factory Slodych, Belarusian Automobile Plant BelAZ, and SB Telecom Ltd.

As a long–term partner of the award ceremony, IBA introduced to the attendees the latest company’s achievements, solutions, and projects.

According to Levteev, “such events efficiently support the development of the national business, contributing to a stable and worthy future of Belarus. That is why IBA is a long–term partner of the award ceremony”.

Source: IBA Group

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