IBA Bulgaria Cooperates With Burgas Free University

IBA Bulgaria Cooperates With Burgas Free University

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering of the Bourgas Free University conducted an annual meeting of teachers and students of the Informatics and Computer Science Department with representatives of Bulgarian IT companies.

Dr. Radostin Dolchinkov, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, summarized the achievements of the faculty for the last year and outlined the opportunities for cooperation and partnership with the local IT sector. He said that high accreditation ratings in two professional areas, namely Informatics and Computer Science and Communication and Computer Engineering, are indicative of a high quality of education.

The students have an opportunity to acquire practical and research skills when participating in collaborative projects with the academic staff and IT experts. The cooperation with the IT companies in Burgas is extremely important as through the partnership with IT companies the university launches specialized courses and provides a possibility to work on real projects. The students study abroad under the Erasmus + program, participate in programming competitions, attend the Programming Talent Academy and the Robotics School, and obtain international certificates within the Cisco Career Certification program.

Dolchinkov handed over the certificates of partnership to the representatives of IT companies. In addition, the best students who participate in joint initiatives received certificates of merit from IT companies.

In 2018, IBA Group started cooperation with the Burgas Free University. IBA Bulgaria and BFU concluded a partnership agreement.


In June 2018, IBA Bulgaria organized the course System Programming in Linux with C, having started with a group of 20 students; five of them were selected for an interview to join the IBA Bulgaria team.

In addition, IBA Bulgaria provides tutoring and training for the best students from the competitive programming team.

IBA Group is planning to establish and equip an IBA Group laboratory in the Burgas Free University in the near future.

Source: IBA Group


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