IBA-Developed Management System Launched in Center for Transportation and Logistics

IBA successfully completed the development of the ERP II Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 2009) – based management system at the transport and logistics center of the Brest branch of Beltamozhservice. In December 2010, IBA launched the system in commercial operation.

IBA has an extensive experience in implementation of warehouse management solutions based on ERP II Microsoft Dynamics AX (MsD AX). MsD AX–based projects are the optimal solution for enterprises with annual turnover from EUR 5 million to EUR 10 billion. The payback period of investment in implementation is less than two years. One of the IBA best practices in that area is the project implemented for the Milavitsa clothing enterprise. Since 2008, Milavitsa has been managing its more than 30 warehouses using the system implemented by IBA. Based on a single database, the automated management system provides warehouse, sales, production, and procurement management.

The system implemented by IBA at the transport and logistic center “Beltamozhservice” is based on electronic data interchange (EDI) and allows for electronic management of customs, temporary, and public warehouses. The system executes intra-depot operations using data collection terminals via WiFi and controls operation performance online. Thus, the system guarantees reliable functioning of goods allocation, selection, and kitting-up processes, and reduces operation time. In case of an error during operation performance, an error message is automatically displayed on the screen of a data collection terminal. The system controls the error correction, and as soon as the current task is completed, the next task is displayed at the terminal screen. Using the unattended processing technology, the system manages entry, placement, and departure of transport vehicles at the parking lots of the center.

In January 2011, IBA starts the launch of the system at the transport and logistics center of the Minsk branch of Beltamozhservice. IBA is planning to put the system in commercial operation in February 2011.

Source: IBA

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