IBA-Developed System of State Bibliographic Information Goes Online

IBA-Developed System of State Bibliographic Information Goes Online

The Belarusian National Book Chamber granted online access to The System of State Bibliographic Information. Developed by IBA at the request of the Ministry of Information of Belarus, the system is a part of the State Program of Informatization of Belarus E-Belarus. The system automates processing of a mandatory free copy of a printed publication and the process of informing the state governing bodies, legal entities, and individuals in the country and abroad about book and media publications in Belarus.

The system is designed to:

  • Improve the analysis and control of publishing activities in Belarus
  • Store information about electronic publications in Belarus
  • Create a single information space for entry, processing, analysis, and storage of information about publishing activities in Belarus
  • Speed up the processes of creation and distribution of electronic state bibliographic information (SBI) among state governing bodies and other users
  • Optimize the streams of paper and electronic outgoing documents
  • Provide a possibility for network and information interaction between businesses and create prerequisites for electronic data interchange
  • Assign different access rights to users
  • Align data quality with world standards of bibliographic description and machine-readable formats
  • Reduce workload for routine operations through the use of bibliographic records in corporate catalogs in Belarus
  • Cut production expenses through gradual transition to electronic presentation of SBI and minimization of paper production.

The System of State Bibliographic Information provides the following features:

  • Acceptance, registration and control of a mandatory publication copy
  • Maintaining of state statistics of publications
  • Maintaining of ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and of a register of publishers in Belarus
  • Generation of outgoing paper and electronic documents, including forms of state registration of publications, state bibliographic indices, statistic reports, and ISBN
  • Maintaining of a directory of publications under production (tentative information about the books to be released).

Using the system, it is possible to search in real time the needed publications in the database of printed editions of Belarus. The database includes bibliographic information about books, periodicals, newspapers, cartographic editions, dissertation theses, articles, publications of Belarusian authors abroad, and publications in the Belarusian language or about Belarus.

The user can make queries, and search and view information about publications from the 1980s to the present. Registered users can work from their personal accounts and receive information about the publications released recently and those to be released shortly.

Source: IBA Group

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