IBA Group at 1st SAP Forum in Belarus

IBA Group at 1st SAP Forum in Belarus

On March 21, a conference entitled The 1st SAP forum. Corporate Governance and Boosting Investment Appeal of Companies took place in Minsk, Belarus. IBA Group participated in the event as its exclusive partner. Representatives of four IBA Group companies, namely IBA Minsk, IBA Gomel, NIIEVMService, and IBA Training Center participated in the forum.
The forum was conducted within the annual conference Information Technologies in Industry (PromIT). The event was organized by SAP CIS and Infopark with assistance from the Ministries of Industry and Education, the Belarusian State Committee for Science and Technologies, High-Tech Park, and the Belarusian Association of Industrial Enterprises.

The SAP forum in Belarus was aimed at:

  • Raising the efficiency of corporate governance and boosting the investment appeal of Belarusian enterprises using up-to-date integrated systems and technologies
  • Presenting best practices of corporate governance implemented in SAP solutions.

The SAP representative office opened in Belarus in 2007. However, the first SAP projects with Belarusian companies were launched in the mid-1990s. Today, SAP serves more than 30 Belarusian customers through various industries.

Ilya Yuriev, SAP representative in Belarus, comments: “Customers are willing to invest in SAP solutions because these projects bring real business benefits. Last year, the SAP revenue in Belarus increased by 35 percent. This result became one of success factors for SAP CIS. According to the 2011 results, SAP CIS was named one of the best SAP subdivisions, namely the first among the BRIC countries and the fourth among all SAP AG subdivisions.”

Frank Cohen, SAP EMEA President, adds: “Evaluating the successful case studies, SAP clients often talk about such benefits as obtaining the full control over their businesses, raising the accuracy of planning, and improving the relationships with suppliers and customers. This becomes possible thanks to the strict observance of delivery terms, improved quality of document and business data processing, and the shift from reactive type of service to the proactive one. All these advantages will allow for achieving tangible results especially in view of the agreements within the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia.”

Sergei Akoulich, IBA First Deputy Director General, says: “SAP and its solutions are a unique phenomenon at the global IT market. Being a multi-vendor company, IBA provides a wide range of technologies and solutions. The growing number of SAP projects implemented throughout the CIS and worldwide confirms the thesis of the uniqueness and efficiency of SAP technologies. In my opinion, the ecosystem created by SAP is not less than unique either. The SAP ecosystem is an environment that consolidates the technologies, methodologies, expertise, and experience of the partners, customers, and training centers. This environment is highly organized and creates a comfortable social and technological community. ”

At the breakout sessions, IBA Group experts delivered the following presentations:

  • Creation of automated management systems using SAP solutions at power engineering enterprises
  • Effective management of logistics. Logistics management at vertically integrated and distributed companies
  • Maintenance repairs and operations at manufacturing enterprises.

At the IBA Group booth, participants were able to learn more about IBA SAP solutions from the representatives of IBA Minsk, NIIEVMService, and IBA Training Center.

Almost 900 representatives of the Belarusian Ministries of industry, communications, trade, energy, and construction and architecture, as well as financial institutions and industrial enterprises attended the first SAP Forum in Belarus.

Source: IBA Group

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