IBA New Solution: Mobile Client For SAP Equipment Maintenance

IBA New Solution: Mobile Client For SAP Equipment Maintenance

IBA developed a new solution Mobile Client for SAP Equipment Maintenance (EM). The solution provides additional capabilities for the SAP EM system implemented by IBA at a number of enterprises.
Developed for Android platform, the SAP EM mobile client provides remote access to the requests for equipment maintenance and repairs. Using securely encrypted asynchronous data transmission, the solution enables customers to synchronize their pocket PCs, including tablets and smartphones, with the SAP EM system.

Using SAP EM mobile client, experts in maintenance and repairs can carry out the following transactions:

  • Receive/create a Request for EM
  • Receive/ create a Notice of Failure.

To start the work, the user goes through the authorization process entering his login and password. The main screen shows the time of the previous synchronization and the following objects:

  • Messages
  • Places
  • Pictures of objects
  • Reference books.

To maintain data, the application imports SAP EM reference books from the system and continually carries out synchronization. To create a new Request for EM or a Notice of Failure, the SAP EM mobile client uses SAP EM reference books uploaded to the mobile device. The user only has to choose an employee in charge, a technical location, and defective equipment, and to describe the malfunction. In addition, the system allows for handling multiple requests created from a single location. Thus it becomes possible to describe the problem in detail.

The option data of malfunction includes:

  • Time of failure and its localization
  • Signs of equipment failure
  • Specified period of malfunction repair.

The option Geolocation allows for displaying the user’s current location on a map. The user is able to set a marker for defective equipment. Using the option Applications, it is possible to view the attached pictures or to add pictures from the built-in camera or from the protected gallery Object Pictures. The pictures are identified by name, message number, and GPS coordinates. The user can also create other images that are not linked to messages. In addition, the user is able to switch between location marker, messages, and pictures.

The solution Mobile Client for SAP EM enables the user to:

  • Enter data to the SAP EM system remotely from the object where maintenance or repairs are required
  • Create a message in online and offline modes, apply certain filters to messages (number and place of creation, terms of performance)
  • Access the List of Messages, view messages downloaded from the SAP system as well as created on the device, and search for messages online using various filters
  • Use the built-in Geolocation module to define GPS coordinates of the object.

The SAP EM mobile client supports multiple languages. The application is integrated with the SAP EM system. All actions executed by any user are immediately available for processing to all the services engaged in the business process.

Additional functions and enhancements:
Implementation status, responsible employees
Filtering tasks /activities for the day / week / month for a team / employee
Geographic location by regular /event
Mobile warehouse.
Mobile Client for SAP EM enables companies to reduce loss of working hours and costs for business-critical operations. The scalable mobile solution allows for business process management online and regardless of location.

Source: IBA Group

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