IBA at The Summit 2018 in Israel

IBA at The Summit 2018 in Israel

On September 5, IBA Group and NG WorkShop, the IBA Group’s partner in Israel, participated in The Summit 2018. The IT conference took place in Tel Aviv.

Having gathered more than 600 key figures in the Israeli IT industry, the event featured professional lectures and fascinating panel discussions. The major topics included machine learning, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and natural language processing. These technologies once were ‘buzz words’ and now have become business practices in organizations. In addition, delegates shared their views on the development of IT in various fields.

The Summit 2018 featured the following plenary sessions:

  • Discover Your Technology, focusing on innovative technologies, developments, and interfaces. At the session, IBA Group delivered a presentation entitled Image Recognition for Effective Sales Open Source Solutions.
  • Discover Your Business. IBA Group spoke about RPA and AI in a presentation entitled RPA + AI New Productivity Frontier.

At the opening of the summit, IBA Group and NG WorkShop were among key speakers, giving a presentation entitled Making AI Central to Digital Transformation Case of Emerging Technologies Team.

Earlier this year, IBA Group expanded its global presence by announcing a partnership with NG WorkShop in Israel.

The summit 2018

Source: IBA Group


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