IBM EE/A and IBA Conduct Workshop on IBM System z

IBM EE/A and IBA Conduct Workshop on IBM System z

On March 28, IBA participated in a seminar entitled Time-Proved: IBM System z. Organized by IBM EE/A and IBA, the seminar was conducted in Minsk, Belarus.
Aleksey Prokhorov, IBM EE/A, and Gennady Molchanov, IBA, opened the event. Andrey Suvorov, IBM EE/A, spoke about the IBM System z technology as a basis of Intelligent Computing.

IBM System z delivers a unique hybrid computing model that allows data centers to optimize workload deployment on best fit technologies with a common management infrastructure. The model integrates data processing and analysis, provides new services quickly and flexibly, and thus contributes to innovation.

The agenda of the workshop included the following topics:

  • Development of System z product line
  • Hybrid computing concept
  • Widespread and high-demand types of workloads
  • IBM data storage systems.

At the event, the participants learned how to:

  • Quickly deploy new services managed in the cloud
  • Consolidate and optimize workload using zEnterprise technology
  • Improve decision-making processes using a single data source and online analysis tools
  • Reduce total IT costs.

For the first time in Belarus, IBM presented its DB2 Analytics Accelerator, a synergy of the System z quality of service and Netezza technology that enables the customer to integrate business insights into operational processes.
Informal communication after the presentations allowed for discussing the most complicated challenges of cloud computing, reduction of total cost of ownership, and business process optimization using IBM System z.

Source: IBA Group

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