ICT Outsourcing Strategy & Contract Performance Masterclass, April 26, 2011, Auckland

Start: April 26, 2011
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CIO’s and IT mangers all agree: “Outsource your solutions not problems”.

The question is how?

• How do you create an IT outsourcing strategy that matches your organisation’s goals?

• How do you ready your organisation for IT outsourcing?

• What terms do you need to place into your IT outsourcing contracts?

• How can you successfully re-negotiate to improve the value of your contracts?

• What do you need to measure and how do you maintain and strengthen the vendor relationship?

Bright*Star’s ICT Outsourcing Strategy & Contract Performance Masterclass is here to fill that knowledge gap. Our presentations, case studies and mini-workshops will cover all aspects of outsourcing from the contract negotiation process to project management and provide answers to how different organisations can ensure outsourcing and the relationship with your provider doesn’t go sour.

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