IDC Cloud Computing and Datacenters Transformation Roadshow 2014

IDC Cloud Computing and Datacenters Transformation Roadshow 2014
Start: June 24, 2014
Address: Intercontinental Hotel Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Whether a closet with a couple of servers or a warehouse with scores of racks, datacenters are the cornerstones of today’s enterprises.

But they are cornerstones under stress. The interplay between processing power, networking, and storage has become extraordinarily complex as data pours in from back-end management systems, staff and customer touch points, M2M communications, expanding databases, and a variety of applications and analytics serving various lines of business.

Datacenters must transform. To provide an agile foundation for creating actionable information, they will morph from homogenous, density-optimized, and CAPEX-optimized environments into heterogeneous, converged, OPEX- optimized environments that mix client-based systems with public and private clouds.

Virtualization is now essential; outsourcing too. (The number of European organizations managing datacenters completely in house has already dropped from 60% to less than 45%.) But these are only the first steps in the effective planning, managing, and scaling of datacenters.

IDC’s Datacenter Transformation Roadshow 2014 explores the present and future of datacenters. It sheds light on core management and technical issues, such as:

  • Development: colocation, virtualization, and the road to cloud-based solutions
  • Financial: CAPEX optimization vs. OPEX optimization in datacenter development
  • Corporate: alignment with general and specific business goals and needs
  • Value and management: the move from dedicated servers to complex application portfolios
  • Efficiency: convergence, capacity, energy, and server-to-server communications
  • Security and compliance:  malware and firewalls to physical protection and location of infrastructure

Join us to meet with analysts, independent experts, and industry leaders to discuss strategic issues and the day-to-day operations of datacenters as they evolve through 2020.


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