IDC Cloud Computing Conference 2014 in Budapest

IDC Cloud Computing Conference 2014 in Budapest
Start: October 16, 2014
Address: Budapest, Hungary
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You may distrust cloud. You may dislike cloud. You may doubt the hype surrounding cloud. But you will eventually use cloud.

Forward-looking CIOs and business leaders already view cloud as the gateway to innovation, efficiency, cost control, and the leveraging of other Third Platform technologies.

Mobility platforms can be tested and installed via the cloud. The infrastructure and platforms needed for Big Data can be obtained through the cloud. Collaboration tools and enterprise social networks can be built in the cloud.

And all industry-specific and general IT needs – security, storage, management systems, CRMs, SCM, PLM, and sales tools – are found on cloud-based platforms.

The numbers reflect the reality. Globally, spending on just public-cloud services will more than double over the next four years, from $47.4 billion in 2013 to nearly $108 billion in 2017 – five times faster than the IT industry as a whole. With hybrid and private options, this will make cloud not just the foundations for disruptive solutions but possibly for all IT solutions.

IDC’s Cloud Roadshow examines the global and regional trends and provides actionable advice and best practices on how companies in Central Europe can capitalize on the new cloud formation.

Event Topics:

  • Market shifts and innovations in cloud computing
  • Private, public, hybrid, and micro-cloud models
  • The symbiosis between cloud and  other technologies (Big Data and mobility)
  • Security and the cloud: myth and reality
  • Cloud ecosystems and the impact on user companies
  • Best practices of leading cloud adopters
  • Cloud match: which clouds and solutions fit your organization
  • Business innovation and the cloud
  • Cloud implementation and change management
  • Integration the cloud into current IT
  • Managing hybrid IT environments
  • Cloud and the IT team: shifting skills and roles
  • The next phase of cloud evolution: industry platform as a service


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