IDC conference on virtualization and data storage

Start: June 2, 2010
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А scientific and practical conference “IDC Storage, Virtualization and Datacenter Efficiency 2010” was held in Kiev on May 26. The event, supported by VMware and EMC, was attended by Miratech.

The thematic focus of the event was on the necessity of an integrated approach to the Informatization of enterprises and organizations under recession, on new solutions and their implementation. As the follow-up to the IDC Roadshow held earlier in twenty cities across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and African region, the event brought together a large number of industry professionals: technical experts and IT managers, data storage and recovery experts, IT directors.

The keynotes were held by representatives of VMware (“From virtualization to the internal cloud – the practical steps of building new generation IT infrastructure”), Microsoft (“From virtual work-places to the private cloud infrastructure”), and some others. The leitmotif of the conference was the strategic importance for speedy implementation of best practices in managing IT infrastructures: virtualization and consolidation of IT infrastructure, IT outsourcing, service-oriented architecture as a way in which the constitution of infrastructures can be carried out.

Source: Miratech

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