IDC IT Infrastructure Management Roadshow 2011

IDC IT Infrastructure Management Roadshow 2011
Start: November 23, 2011
Address: President Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine
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The performance of any enterprise, company, or institution today is dependent on IT infrastructure as never before. Although there are not many customers that invest over 10% of their budgets in this asset, it is hardly a secret that properly functioning IT systems can significantly contribute to sustaining the competitive advantage of an organization. At the same time, malfunctioning IT systems can jeopardize the very existence of any business.

The development of information technologies has spurred the growth of customized solutions – those designed not for abstract, ‘typical’ clients, but rather for those with very specific needs. On the other hand, nearly all market players see standardization, compatibility, and scalability as priorities in their product development. Nevertheless, for many clients, managing IT assets has become a very complicated task. Low efficiency and underutilization of IT resources pose a serious problem.

Virtualization, cloud and unified computing, datacenter transformation, data growth, and the omnipresence of mobile devices in the business world change our view of IT infrastructure management. How will these technological developments affect the day-to-day work of IT managers in the near future?

Key Topics:

  • Modern IT Infrastructure: Alternatives of Development
  • How Dense is the Cloud? New Opportunities or Loss of Control over Assets?
  • Information Systems Audit
  • IT Solutions: Aligned with Business or a State within a State?
  • Working with Reduced IT Budgets
  • Estimating IT Efficiency
  • Data Management: Where and How to Store
  • Prospects of IT Outsourcing
  • Datacenters of the Future
  • Servers, DSS, PCs, and More: Virtualization on the Rise
  • Ensuring IT Infrastructure Security
  • Integrators: Interacting with Customers in a New Reality


Source: IDC

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