IDC Mobile Summit 2012

IDC Mobile Summit 2012
Start: April 24, 2012
Address: Warsaw, Poland
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Mobile networks, devices, applications, and cloud services are driving a transformation of the way that workers collaborate and business processes function. Company initiatives are facilitating increased efficiency and other new competitive advantages.

Even without company action, bottom-up employee demand is changing the devices that connect to the network and that carry company data. Managing these devices is only one of several significant mobility challenges IT manager’s face. Companies need to rethink their mobile strategies, and IT managers need to stay ahead of the changes that are already surging forward.

Some of the main topics discussed at the IDC Mobile Summit 2012 will include:

  • Mobile unified communications and collaboration
  • Mobile device management and security in an era of mobile viruses and employee-owned devices
  • Retaining valued employees and leveraging bottom-up demand to improve efficiency through adoption of workforce mobility
  • Tablets and Smartphones facilitate new ways of working and collaborating
  • Mobile applications increase efficiency and raise security risk
  • Gaining operating efficiency through a mobilized workforce
  • Location-based applications for employees and for assets
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) hits the mainstream
  • Regulatory developments mandating M2M deployment
  • Mobile money and the possible transformation of the payments industry

This informative event is designed for:

  • Senior IT Decision Makers
  • IT Directors & Project Officers
  • IT Managers
  • IT Administrators / Engineers
  • Systems Architect/Designers


Source: IDC CEMA

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