Identity management for the Ukrainian mobile services operator life:)

S&T Ukraine implemented an innovative identity management system for life:) to secure critical business applications and sensitive information. The solution manages identity profiles and access permissions, improves the security of the company and the privacy of users and reduces operational costs.

life:) is dynamic growing GSM company that serves 11.7 million subscribers and was the first local mobile operator to apply EDGE technology. The extremely competitive telecom market requires an ongoing update of the IT infrastructure and related security measures. This is why the company decided for an optimized user administration.

As organizations grow and become more prosperous, the number of identities that IT departments must manage – and the increased control of access to applications and data – also expands. Identity management deals with recognizing persons in a system and controlling their access to resources by assigning user rights and restrictions.

“Together with S&T, we brought the security in our company to a higher level and aligned it with regulatory requirements and standards. Our IT team saves a lot of time now when managing access permissions to corporate information. We have improved our business efficiency, reduced costs and eliminated major IT risks of the authorization process as well”, said Vladimir Talalaevskiy, Manager of the Data Network and Enterprise IT Unit at life:)

The new system enables the automatic management of user profiles and access to corporate information for more than thousand employees and external users. The system was installed by specialists from S&T Ukraine in close co-operation with IT experts of life:) and Sun Microsystems consultants (a company of Oracle Corporation).

S&T features state-of-the-art expertise and skills in the telecommunications industry and offers a broad solutions portfolio for demanding projects in 19 European countries.

Source: S&T

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