IT outsourcing providers improve data protection

IT outsourcing providers can offer the objective assessment of data protection measures that companies need in order to increase their efficiency.

According to industry analyst Philip Alsop, a thorough overview of existing security strategies “is an essential first step to help IT staffs and service providers track down and solve potential problems”.

Carrying out such tasks enables businesses to improve their service levels and deliver a greater return on investment, Mr Alsop said.

Recent research from ABM revealed 29 per cent of organisations have cut back on their security budgets in the last two years, but during the same period around half have experienced an increase in incidences of theft and fraud, highlighting the need for more robust security measures.

Companies that opt for IT outsourcing can benefit from the increased security and improved efficiency providers bring.

According to a survey commissioned by Orange, 26 per cent of small to medium-sized enterprises view protection from security risks as their least important business priority.

Source: ihotdesk

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