Infinite Solutions Speaks About World Retail Trend, Now Available in Macedonia

Infinite Solutions Speaks About World Retail Trend, Now Available in Macedonia

For a few years now, every retail business, if wants to stay in business, has to be present online.

Nowadays, it’s assumed for professional irresponsibility if the company does not have web-site, online shop, not to be present on social media or not to have a loyalty club.

All of these are possible sale and marketing channels brought by the current technologies that help the company to approach to its potential clients, to give information about its aims and enables complete preview of the business.

Growth of the business thought these new technologies is becoming part of the everyday life of the potential clients, which daily activities are just additional tool in the companies’ hands.

The key moment: integration

New purposes and technologies, not always are advantage for the companies that are using them, if they are implemented as separates modules and/or applications, which need different support teams.

A huge problem can be the different, not up to date and not proper data in each of the modules. Additionally, the clients are expecting to have the same information (products, offers, loyalty points, services, etc…), with the same quality in all of the retailer’s sale and marketing channels.

The only way to have a good solution for all of these challenges is the integration between all of these modules and channels.


 As a result of the market’s research in Macedonia and the answer to all new technological challenges, INFINITE SOLUTIONS, together with its partner from Ireland – NITROSELL, offers to its clients a completely integrated solution for companies in the retail industry, which covers multiple sale’s channels, back office workflows, distribution and offers, customer relationship management (CRM) and a possibility for global management of your business.

As one of the most important Microsoft’s partner in the region, INFINITE SOLUTIONS uses the products from the Microsoft Dynamics family as basic technology in this integrated solution.

What’s included in the solution

This integrated solution for retail companies includes three basic components, separated according to the retail’s channel type (physical shop, web store, m-store). Beside the three basic components, there are other additional tools which help to get more centralized and global business management.

The first component are several tools from the Microsoft Dynamics family which are used for managing physical shores, including point of sales and back-office tools, tools for managing the one and only database of the products that you are using, supply planning, transfer between different stores, clients and their loyalty, discounts etc…, and of course full reports on business’ analysis.

The second component are applications for one fully integrated and automated web store, which is using the data from the one, unique database from your stores, but with different terms for using (web prices and discounts, online payment, delivery, etc.).

The applications include all the basic requirements for one e-commerce web-site, such as hosting, content delivery, clients’ security, software updates, search optimization, etc… and all of these implemented with highly user-friendly tools, integrated with your internal business processes. With the help of this component you can get the integration with the most important social media.

And as third component you can get the opportunity for integrated m-commerce: your products and services available on your clients’ smart phones, in real-time, no matter if they have Android, iPhone or Windows phone.

This fully integrated mobile service, automatically is updating the information to your web-site have and it gives a new format to your clients, according to the phone they are using. Just like the online store, the m- store is just an additional store in your store range, which makes a global management of the whole business

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