Infopulse in Top 20 Companies of Ukraine Based on Financial Performance

Infopulse in Top 20 Companies of Ukraine Based on Financial Performance

Infopulse was ranked the 2nd in the IT Industry sector and got 11th place in the overall rating, making it to the country’s top 20 companies according to various financial criteria.

The Rating of the Top 100 Best Companies of Ukraine, assessing various aspects of financial performance and success of Ukrainian companies, was published in “Herald. Rating”, №3-4 (6), the Special Edition of the “Herald. The right to know everything about the taxes and duties” magazine by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

>IT industry plays an important role in the economic success of Ukraine and stimulates the progress of our country. By cooperating with the international and local clients, Ukrainian ІТ companies facilitate the improvement of country’s brand image on the global market. This also has a favorable effect on the economic growth of Ukraine, encourages new investments, and leverages cooperation with our partners and other countries. It is crucial to understand that Ukraine is technologically competitive on the market, and is famous for our professionalism and expertise. We have many talents, own ideas, and products. Today, with mutual efforts we are already changing our country for better

Alexey Sigov, Infopulse President

About the Rating

The Rating of the Top 100 companies, published by State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, is based on companies’ financial performance and comprises the ranking of the state enterprises and private businesses.

The rating analyzes the various aspects of the businesses’ financial health, indicating management effectiveness and encompassing such key business factors, as the availability of financial resources for conducting business activities, the feasibility of resources placement and effectiveness of their use in financial relationships with other market participants.

The rating comprises various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, namely: agriculture, commerce, engineering, energy, financial services, manufacturing, metallurgy, etc.

Source: Infopulse


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