Infopulse is one of the Top 3 IT employers of Ukraine and the best IT employer in Luhansk and Zhytomyr

According to the results of IT companies rating conducted by, Infopulse has been chosen one of 3 best employers in Ukrainian IT industry and has become the best IT employer in Luhansk and Zhytomyr.

20 companies in 9 cities of Ukraine took part in the rating. Altogether 2649 of approximately 4500 questionnaires were processed.59,3% of respondents were IT Engineers aged 22–33.  They were offered to appraise their companies online by answering 10 questions, having the same weight; total company’s score amounted to the sum of points for every question. The official companies rating was formed basing on three nominations “up to 50 engineers”, “from 50 to 200 engineers”, “more than 200 engineers” in the company. If a company had several offices, average number of points considered. 

“It was very important for us to take part in this survey because it gave us new insights on how IT employees estimate their employers.

This survey revealed the areas for improvement in which we should work foremost to not only hold our position, but make working at Infopulse even more comfortable.

Commenting the results of the survey, I’d like also to notice that the criterion “absence of stressful situations” gained the least number of points in IT engineers’ priority, which gives us the idea that it is rather comfortably for most employees to work in the IT industry,  so they can concentrate on their professional development and promotion.” — says Lyubov Yudenko, HR Director of Infopulse Ukraine LLC.

Source: Infopulse

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