Infopulse shares innovative experience in implementation of corporate data management systems at the IDC’s ninth BI roadshow

Kyiv, IDC Business Intelligence Roadshow 2010 Prioritizing for Renewed  Opportunities, September 23rd 2010 — Infopulse presented solutions for  shared data warehouse development using the tools of Informatica  PowerCenter ETL and also end-to-end solutions for automating the  activity of bank and financial institutions.

“Starting from 2007 Infopulse in cooperation with EDB Business Partner  ASA has been engaged in numerous large-scale complex projects,  delivering software engineering and IT business services for the largest  banks in Scandinavia. At the conference we shared our experience in  building a shared data warehouse for a group of Norwegian banks (5  different banks), as well as presented a suite of full-scale banking  products offered within the framework of EDB Financial Suite.”— said  Timur Pogorelov, EDB Bank & Finance Department Manager in Infopulse  Ukraine.

In his report, Timur made a brief overview of EDB Financial Suite  (EDB  FS) — a set of solutions that performs all possible tasks of  operating  activities and channels of service delivery.

“What is  unique about the EDB Financial Suite? It is an overall solutions concept  for banking and finance customers. JustFor example, if you want to open  a bank today, then tomorrow, with the help of EDB Financial Suite, you  will be given a full set of software for the bank’s activities.” —  noticed Timur Pogorelov.

Enterprise Data Hub is one of the  components of EDB FS. It is a single service that provides  consolidation, processing and loading data from heterogeneous sources  within the entire set of EDB FS. Then these data are exported into the  single data warehouse, where they are used for analysis and reporting.  ETL-mechanisms (ETL — Extract, Transform & Load) are key component  of data warehouse in general and Enterprise Data Hub in particular and  they are developed using Informatica PowerCenter products.

In  addition Infopulse presented EDB iHUB that manages master data (Master  Data Management). The integration of all components of EDB Financial  Suite with iHUB allows avoiding the data duplication in different  systems.

For example, customer’s data, entered once when opening  account, are available any time for additional operations, such as  credit accommodation, opening a card account etc.

Source: Infopulse

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