Infopulse sponsors the fourth meeting of UISG

The meeting of the Ukrainian Community of the Information Security Specialists (UISG) will take place on 30th July in Daily Kiev Bar (“Hudgraph” gallery), 33, T.Shevchenko blvd. The members of the community decided to meet in order to exchange their experiences and discuss the latest events on the information security market of Ukraine. Information security is one of the fields of Infopulse competence and it’s extremely important for us to keep up the communication and exchange of ideas in this field.

Some of the community activists agreed to prepare setting reports and set communicational topics:

  • Gleb Pakharenko (Infopulse) and Maria Sidorova (Security Code) will report about work experience of information security communities both in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Vladimir Ilibman (Cisco) will report about IT  paradigm shift towards the border tailing which happens because of the cloudy service and road employees
  • Andrei Lysyuk (Ernst & Young) and Aleksandr Dmitriev (Das Magazine) will share their experience of the certification procedure of CISM/CISA and ISO 27001

Source: Infopulse

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