Infopulse Ukraine Opens Its Regional Office in Chernihiv

Infopulse Ukraine Opens Its Regional Office in Chernihiv

Infopulse Ukraine continues developing its regional network in the largest cities of Ukraine. In June 2012, Infopluse opened its representative office in Chernihiv

Our company grows every year: we increase the number of our projects, which actualizes the question of attracting new professionals not only in Kyiv but in other cities around Ukraine. Today, the Chernihiv team is still small, but we plan considerable staff increase. The new office is already involved in the development of an innovation solution offering a line of products for cloud data storing. Our strategy for the office’s growth provides for employing of both professionals and talented students who will be able to forge their careers in current projects of the company. Chernihiv boasts a well-developed IT area with strong academic base, e.g. Chernihiv State Technological University. It is the university that we are planning to establish cooperation with and provide training programmes for technical students (IT and computer departments).
Alexey Sigov, General Director at Infopulse Ukraine

Infopulse Ukraine’s main assets are its highly qualified team, focus on building long-term cooperation with each professional and financial stability. Infopulse always devotes special attention to the customer’s needs, strives to provide solutions and software products of the highest quality and happily shares its long IT experience with Ukrainian cities.

Today, along with its headquarters in Kyiv, Infopulse has offices in Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Luhansk and Chernihiv.

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