Information Technology Development Conception

Analyse and realization proposal to broaden the application of network information systems for the more and more effective enterprise business processes

Geometria experts developed in the past quarter of the year a medium term information technology development concept (IT concept) for a major business partner in the utility sector, in cooperation with leading specialists of the business partner.

The existence of an information technology development concept is necessary, because the requirements – effectiveness, success, legal orders, etc. – on utilities business processes can only be fulfilled in the continuously changing market environment with significant IT support. In addition to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, technical purpose information systems have to play an important role in the IT support. The extension of the applied network information systems needs to be broadened, and the integration level of the applied systems has to be improved within the utility. The application of international de jure (e.g. IEC), but at least de facto standard based solutions, assist the effective support of the enterprise business processes.

The IT concept has been prepared based on the analysis of the partner company’s business objectives, the present business processes and the generally applied IT solutions. In course of the planning, Geometria laid special emphasis on the increasing effectiveness of business processes, the cost return of the operated network devices and the requirements on structural changes. Geometria proposed a scenario for the development of business processes and supporting information technology systems. Realization opportunities and versions had been determined, defining the conditions, versions and consequences of certain development decisions. Risks of certain decisions, solutions and development projects were also covered by the analysis. The IT concept supports our partner company in developing its business process and system architecture in a controlled way, starting from the present status, with continuous respect to the changes in the market, business and IT environment.

Features of the outlined solution: the proposed system architecture provides the standardised, massage based communication of the co-operating systems, the range of component systems is easy to extend, the necessary planning and development work is transparent, easy to plan. The application of the unified, standardised solutions, methods help reducing the usual business risks.

Source: Geometria

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