Innovation in Human Resources Department

Innovation in Human Resources Department

In August this year Sofica Group optimized additionally its internal portal which is generally in use of the HR Department. To ease the working process of the department we have implemented a mechanism for electronic filing, receiving and processing of requests for leave.

The efficient innovation eases not only the data processing procedure of and for the employees, but it is also in harmony with the green policy of the company.

Through the new automated process a lot of paper is being saved. This method of electronic data processing is in compliance with the statutory requirements since in technical aspect a perfect electronic signature is being used which entirely substitutes its wet analogue.

Thereby the employees of Sofica Group are always informed about the rest of their paid leave until the end of the current year and the person who is responsible of approving the filed request.

The approval of the filed requests for leave itself is also being sent and received via electronic path in reasonably short term. Visualization of the document in PDF format is possible at any time as the access is being realized through specific software product. The employee has access to the created by himself requests and the HR Department is taking care of the preservation of the filed requests.

Source: Sofica Group
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