Remodel your Code with Intel® Advisor XE

Remodel your Code with Intel® Advisor XE
Start: June 24, 2014
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Thanks to the multi-core era, it has become imperative for software developers to exploit parallelism inherent in their applications.

Intel® Advisor XE helps make incorporating threading into applications easier by allowing developers to model parallelism. It inculcates in software developers a disciplined approach to exploiting parallelism.

Inte® Advisor XE obviates guesswork and trial-and-error based approaches, and instead guides developers to confidently model and transform serial portions of code to parallelized versions in a step by step methodical fashion.

The presenter will introduce the Intel® Advisor XE tool and demonstrate a structured approach to exploiting parallelism that Intel® Advisor XE facilitates. Attendees of this webinar will gain:

  • Understanding of the importance of approaching parallelization problems based on measured data rather than guesswork
  • The importance of performing parallelism modeling using Intel® Advisor XE annotations and analyses so that correct portions of your software can be judiciously selected and parallelized
  • Knowledge of resources, including a clear step-by-step process, for implementing threading in software


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