Intellias selected as best IT company to work for in Lviv

Intellias, one of the leading Ukrainian providers of outsourced software development services in D-A-CH region, was selected by the well-recognized resource as the best company to work for in Lviv. It is considered an unparalleled success for Intellias, as it is the reward for years of investment into the personnel satisfaction and retention.

The survey was conducted between 12 and 15 October 2010 and was held among 1,183 employees of Ukrainian outsourcing companies company-wide. The participants were asked to judge on different aspects of their employer, like salary, career and personal growth opportunities. When looking at the Lviv-based companies, Intellias left the competition, most notably large outsourcing companies, far behind.

According to Intellias’ CEO Michael Puzrakov, this is a direct result from the significant investments in the company’s human resources, including personal development plans, attractive social package and engaging corporate events. All this makes Intellias a solid, ambitious and employee-friendly company where everyone feels comfortable and enthusiastic to work on the challenging projects.

Another interesting conclusion from the survey is that the mid-sized companies seem to score best in all Ukrainian regions. SMEs appear to offer their employees a greater feeling of solidarity, apply more individual approach and demonstrate genuine openness for the personnel’s initiatives. Also this confirms the effectiveness of Intellias’ HR strategy and demonstrates the maturity of the company’s personnel satisfaction and retention practices.

Finally, the increased publicity will assist Intellias in attracting highly qualified employees in the highly competitive market for IT personnel, which will eventually contribute to even more efficient delivery of the projects and extended expertise.

Source: Intellias

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