Internship Program at Netinfo

Internship Program at Netinfo

Each year IT company Netinfo launches Internship Program for people who feel inclined to vigorously pursue the path of IT expert and to become successful in the area of software development. The program has turned into a well-established tradition that we have been maintaining year after year.

Netinfo company provides an opportunity to master the newest DevOps technologies and to obtain valuable professional experience of software development in Java, .Net, Android, iOS, react.js, php.

Netinfo welcome not only graduate students with or without Master’s Degree but also those who are striving for professional development and growth in the world of IT.

Participation in Internship Program will help you to study new informational technologies as well as apply your knowledge on a daily basis while executing IT tasks proposed by our mentors who are experienced and trusted advisers. They will gladly guide you through the process and will give you a helping hand in any complex situation.

Besides, you will take part in many sporting and holiday events organized by Netinfo.


Source: Netinfo


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