Intetics Contributes to EY “The IT Industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond” Report

Intetics Contributes to EY “The IT Industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond” Report

Ernst and Young have released a large-scale report “The IT industry in Belarus: 2017 and Beyond”. The report analyzes the current industry state and presents the perspectives of IT growth in Belarus. Intetics was glad to contribute to the report by several interviews of our top managers given to EY during the research.

Here are some of the report insights.

EY report is a 120-page document that provides detailed information about Belarus, industry and the Hi-Tech Park. It includes statistics and analytic information of the education system, labour market, domestic business operation along with and the infrastructure in Belarus.

According to Pavel Lashchenko, EY Company’s Managing Partner for Belarus, presenting the country’s rapidly developing IT industry before the international community was one of the goals of the document.

The EY report gives a detailed overview of the main players of Belarus IT industry, Intetics stands among those in the report. In this overview, EY takes a look at the development centers of international companies in Belarus, significant events and deals, the country’s rating and ratings of IT companies in international rankings.

EY experts note that Belarus IT industry is rapidly developing, which makes the country one of the largest IT clusters in Europe. The report states that Belarus is ranked as the second country on the tertiary education enrollment index. In line with these numbers, EY researchers give some more interesting stats. For example, more than 115,000 IT specialists work in the Belarusian IT and other sectors. Of those, over 34,000 specialists work in IT products and services. 49% of IT services are exported to Western Europe followed by 43% export to the US. IoT, AI and Gamification are the most popular new technologies among IT companies residents of Hi-Tech Park.

EY is an internationally recognized leader in the area of auditing, taxation, transaction and advisory services. The company has been working in the CIS since 1989. The EY company has been represented in Belarus since 1994 and is the largest international company to provide professional business services.

Source: Intetics

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