Intetics participates in Discover IT Belarus in Germany

Intetics participates in Discover IT Belarus in Germany

Intetics was again a major participant in the Discover IT Belarus event held recently in Munich, Germany. This important industry networking and familiarization forum took place on November 24 and was organized cooperatively by the Bavarian Cluster of Information and Communication Technology and the Belarusian High Tech Park, a government program to promote the IT industry in Belarus.

As with previous Discover IT Belarus events, the primary goal was to familiarize German business leaders with the dynamic IT industry in Belarus. It also provided a forum in which they could learn more about the opportunities available to efficiently outsource software development to highly skilled specialists in Belarus.

The event afforded Intetics’ representatives an excellent opportunity to meet with decision makers from key German companies, especially those in Bavaria, present the company’s capabilities, and discuss ways in which Intetics could help them better achieve their business objectives. Intetics already has several excellent clients in Germany and related countries, which helped make this event even more productive.

Intetics is extremely pleased to participate in the Discover IT Belarus series of events in Europe, not only for the direct opportunity it provides to market the company, but to help familiarize European business communities with the outstanding quality of software development and other IT services in Belarus. Intetics is committed to helping create more opportunities for Belarusian IT specialists and, in turn, improve the country’s economy for everyone.

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  • Zhanna Azbel

    Intetics is happy to share the good news: We have just opened a new office in

    What does it mean to our clients in Europe and to Intetics itself? What are the greatest
    advantages of this step?

    First of all, it improves our capabilities in serving German – speaking clients in their native language. Secondly, having the office in Düsseldorf makes us closer to European clients, so we can meet face-to-face even more often. Thirdly, in addition to its operations in the USA, Intetics now fully supports the European Union legal
    framework, which opens additional opportunities for outsourcing making it simple for EU companies.

    And finally, this step brings us further along in our mission to build professional, integrity-driven, innovative and experienced IT business units to help our clients to turn the most
    complex technological ideas into reality.

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