Top 9 Internet of Things (IoT) Development Platforms in 2019

Top 9 Internet of Things (IoT) Development Platforms in 2019

The Internet of Things is one of the most rapidly expanding industries. IoT technology is developing fascinating collaborations with other highly developed fields like blockchain or artificial intelligence while responding to, ‘What is an IOT platform?’

As per the anticipation of Gartner by 2020, about 95% of the products will make use of Internet of Things technology.

What is an IoT platform? 

IoT platform is a significant element of an enormous IoT environment which helps and binds all elements present in the IoT ecosystem along with top 9 IOT platforms.

It supports in-device management, manages interaction rules of software and hardware, gathers and interprets information, improve the flow of information and operations of applications.

The ecosystem of IoT consists of:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • User interface
  • Connectivity

Most of establishments throughout the world have been connected with IoT and a majority of them have established IoT based internal business departments to decrease workload and build a well-connected system.

IoT platforms comprise elements which are accountable for building applications that guide and manage connected devices answering for, ‘What is an IOT platform?’

Usually, they gather information from the connected devices to govern them, to make reasonable utilization of information in a well-arranged way.

With the massive expansion of IoT, in current times the market is flooded with IoT platforms. Let’s check out the top 9 IoT development platforms in 2019.

Azure IoT Suite

A set of services like IoT Hub, Stream interpretation, Notification Hub, Machine learning and Power BI comprises Azure IoT suite.Commanding various operating mechanisms and devices, it permits interpretation of greater information for what is an IOT platform? This, it is considered for its properties such as scaling from POC to the massive employment level.

It offers services such as:

  • Gathering information from devices
  • Interpretation of information streams
  • Storage and inquiring of a large set of information
  • Optimize historical and current information
  • The collaboration of back office mechanisms
  • Handling devices.

 IBM Watson

With the help of IBM Watson, you can rapidly protect all kinds of connected devices. It permits application architects to have an enhanced level of access to entire connectivity, information management, and real-time information interpretation as well as uncertainty and reliability management among the top 9 IOT platforms.

The real-time information gathered from the connected devices are handled, configured and collaborated with data services.

This IoT platform has offered developers with the facility to secure the unity of the IoT solution.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is well-known to provide a trustworthy and cost-effective platform for IoT in the cloud. Because of its outstanding scalability, it can be utilized by enormous establishments across the globe.

Its properties like being budget-friendly and versatile make this platform a highly preferred platform among developers also catering to, ‘What is an IOT platform?’

Amazon Web Services

Oracle IoT

Oracle IoT was launched in the later half of 2016 and holds a significant position. With the help of its cloud services, you can avail a versatile IoT network of geographical boundaries, simulations of an optical device, stream procedure, and managing functions.

Oracle IoT is pre-collaborated with Oracle PaaS and on-premises apps with the help of open APIs. Thus, it offers current interpretation through massive information actions making it one of the top 9 IOT platforms.


It is a cent percent open source IoT Platform which offers a distinguished development experience for IoT solutions, smart products, and connected devices.

Because of its property of holding a lavish toolkit, it is very cost effective and can be personalized for various business apps. Furthermore, it provides simple and direct hardware collaboration to app designer along with top 9 IOT platforms.

Google Cloud IoT

If you require a collection of tools connecting, managing, storing and interpretative information for edge as well as in the cloud, Google Cloud IoT is ideal for you.

It offers the facility of scalability, fully-organized and cloud services for edge and on-premises computing process along with ML potential for IoT requirements as well s answering, ‘What is an IOT platform?’

Microsoft Azure IoT

Microsoft Azure IoT acquired data from the connected appliances to victoriously drive your technological modifications among top 9 IOT platforms.

Microsoft Azure IoT promotes business interpretations to acquire fresh streams of profits and opportunities for their business by using IoT solutions created to cater to the requirements of the industry.

With the help of Microsoft Azure IoT, the user can develop apps for their requirements with solutions for their appliances, at the edge, in the cloud and connected to their verticals of business mechanisms.

Indulgence with cloud intelligence and interpretations with comprehensive IoT services and offer greater perception to extract a rapid decision-making process.

Secures your IoT business solutions in the cloud or on-premises with the security technologies they have.

Azure IoT Suite

ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx manifests IoT designers with resources needed to develop and hire dynamic application, experience, and solutions for a present-day well-connected community. Hence, ThingWorx IoT platform is perfect for establishment app development and is among the top 9 IOT platforms.

The chief characteristic is the flawless connection among platforms and appliances, fast IoT app development, collaborated machine learning and computerized, decent and massive informative interpretations.


SAP Cloud platform of IoT is well-equipped with the stuff the user requires to develop and handle an IoT app to explain, ‘What is an IOT platform?’

The distant appliances can be connected indirectly or through cloud services. The robust interpretation potentials permit procedures, organizations, and research of information received for the sensor, meter, and other IoT appliances.

Definitely, for keeping in touch with the freshest technology, SAP offers the alternative of utilizing the IoT information for developing AI apps and ML.

Closing through

Every platform is different from the others and has particular needs in terms of protection, storage location, and scalability. To figure out an ideal environment for developing your connected network, we will suggest securing expert recommendation and compare top 9 IoT platforms.

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