IT accreditation programme allows firms to judge ability of outsourcer

An accreditation programme which has been launched for IT professionals could allow businesses to judge the ability of staff belonging to IT outsourcing in London partners.

The Institute of IT Training scheme, which Computeach partly founded, is designed to assess training providers so that staff are certain they are receiving a high quality of education.

Karl Pinkinson, managing director of the firm, claims that the introduction of the initiative will allow people to judge whether the training an individual has received is at a good enough standard.

He states: “The whole basis behind the idea is to give the public a level of confidence … The problem was that people didn’t know who was offering quality, accredited training and who wasn’t.”

Late last year, the National Outsourcing Association launched the first academically-accredited outsourcing qualification in the UK.

The certificate is awarded by Middlesex University and a number of courses and entry points are available.

Source: ihotdesk

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