IT Catalogue will become informational partner for Ukrainian Java developers conference

It seems that IT Catalogue company takes part in each scale event in Ukraine. It had already been an information partner of Love in IT by Human lab and then became a partner of Selenium Camp, which took place at the end of February.

 And right now IT Catalogue became an informational partner of JEEConf: the conference for Ukrainian Java developers, which will be carried out in Kiev on 21st of May.

“Java is one of the most widely used programming language, and we think that JEEConf will be attended by a number of leading Java developers of our country. Such events are the great opportunities for the developers to share an experience and find a great number of useful connections. Our project is happy announce such event as JEEConf, since it is quite interesting for us too. We are thinking that the development of communication between programmers and service providers is the main aim of such kind of project as IT Catalogue” – says manager of IT Catalogue Mayya Kochina.

In addition IT Catalogue team mentioned that they have already added to the website an information on salaries in Ukraine to the Informational module which can be found as additional option under “Home” top tab. The module includes average salaries of the list of widespread professions, according to the data provided by the job sites, IT salaries and their development in Ukraine, according to the leading at the market companies and job sites.

It seems to be quite useful to visit website if you are interested in business relationships in information technologies sphere in Ukraine, or are going to start your outsourcing projects in Eastern Europe countries. Moreover IT Catalogue team is now working to increase usability of the website so it will be possible to find any needed information by several clicks.

As a great secret they have told us that news module is already under testing process so we will see it as soon as it will be ready for production, since any product developed by this company should be of high quality.

Source: onlineprnews

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