IT in Retail

IT in Retail
Start: January 20, 2015
Address: Hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow, Russian Federation
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The retail industry is one of the early adopters of innovations.

Companies in this sector have already started to use mobile solutions for internal and external communications: they leverage social networks and e-commerce, big data, and cloud solutions.

The industry remains focused on expanding the range of products and services available to customers.

This implies further development of multichannel and personalized communications with customers as well as optimization of back-office processes.

In challenging economic conditions, it is important to improve the efficiency of supply chains from manufacturers to consumers, to optimize stock and to be responsive to changes on the market.

Retailers will have to adjust to new conditions quickly and streamline business processes to retain customer loyalty, margin, and market share.

Addressing these issues without the help of IT is impossible.

IDC’s conference IT in Retail will contribute to a meaningful discussion on a number of key industry issues:

  • Which technology areas are “musts” for investments today, and which ones are “nice-to-haves”?
  • How to build a supply chain that is highly adaptive to changes?
  • Building a global sourcing network. E-procurement in the cloud.
  • Mobile apps for retail (Digital Signage, PassBook)
  • PCs, POS or mobile devices?
  • Self-checkout services and equipment.
  • Using social networks for customer communications.
  • Big data in retail: a personalized approach to the customer, smart marketing, stock optimization, real time offer generation.
  • Employee motivation and management
  • “Click & collect” – buy online, collect at a store
  • Loyalty management, intellectual marketing



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