IT outsourcing: 90/10 rule essential for social media success

Companies using IT outsourcing in London should ensure they follow the 90/10 rule when trying to engage over social media, an expert has claimed.

Rachel Arthur, associate marketing editor for the Worth Global Style Network, has highlighted the fact that the high saturation of Generation Y on these sites make them perfect for this type of marketing effort.

Despite this, she highlights the importance of engaging with potential customers in the right way if success is to be ensured, which could create demand for IT outsourcing in London providers with knowledge of this area.

“90 per cent of your messages need to be just about chatting, conversation, building awareness and socialising … and the other ten per cent is where you actually push the product through,” Ms Arthur suggested.

She added that failing to comply with this general guideline will often see people rejecting the pitch.

Last month, Gartner reported that social media is increasingly being used to guide IT buying decisions.

Source: ihotdesk

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