Global: IT Outsourcing Market Reports

Global: IT Outsourcing Market Reports


 The Global Information Technology Report 2012


 Offshore IT Outsourcing: An Integral component of High-Performance IT Organization (136 Kb)

 Overview of the fast-growing CEE outsourcing market, March, 2011 (411 Kb)


 CEE IT Outsourcing Review 2010 (10,6 Mb)

 European IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2010. Part 1 (1,65 Mb)

  IT Outsourcing’s 15% Problem: The Need for Outsourcing Governance by Blazent. 2010 (454 KB)
  Global Sourcing 2.0 – Evolving Global Delivery Imperatives for Outsourcing Service Providers by Everest Global Inc. July 2010 (951 KB)
  Six Keys to a Successful BPO Transition by Genpact. 2010 (344 KB)
  Six Key Success Factors for Outsourcing by IT Business Edge and Allied Digital Services. 2010 (109 KB)
  Why Holistic BPO Delivers Better Results by Cognizant (169 KB)
  The IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing Industry Landscape in 2010 by Horses for Sources Research. March 2010 (1332 KB)
  Key Moments that Make or Break Outsourcing Relationships – Buyer Behaviors that Impact a Provider’s Delivery of Services by Outsourcing Center. 2010. (341 KB)
  Why Adopt Nearshore Agile Development? by Ciklum. April 2010 (5079 KB)


  Revision of forecasts for IT markets in Poland, Russia and Ukraine by PMR. April 2009 (185 KB)
  IT outsourcing Central and Europe by PMR. January 2009 (521 KB)
  Financial crisis opens up opportunities for IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe by PMR Publications. January 2009 (545 KB)
  Accelerating Return on Investment through B2B Outsourcing by Crossgate. 2009 (456 KB)
  Emerging Market Suppliers: A Valuable Level for Rosk Diversification by Everest Global, Inc. 2009. (472 KB)
  Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2008 by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative (7584 KB)
  Exploring Global Frontiers by KMPG. 2009 (7905,28 KB)
  Offshoring: Managing Risk in Global Sourcing by Michael S. Mensik. 2009 (200 KB)
  Outsourcing 2.0. A PAC Trend Analysis Prepared for Computacenter AG & Co. oHG by PAC. Aug 2009 (1025 KB)
  BPO: Highter Quality, Competetive Costs. September 2009 (1495 KB)


  Application Outsourcing: Leveraging Its Intrinsic Benefits by IDC. 2008 (244 KB)
  Improving BPO Service Delivery through collaboration by SAP AG. 2008 (456 KB)
  Transparency A Critical Success by BDNA, April 2008 (80 Kb)
  Security Framework and Best Practices by Technology Partners International, February 2008 (348 Kb)
  Drivers of IT Industry in Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Romania by Maryna Yaroshchuk TNC, Final Paper, 2008 (112 Kb)
  2008 Black Book of Outsourcing. State of the Industry Report by Brown-Wilson Group, 2008 (1075 Kb)
  Gaining Greater Performance and Flexibility from Next Generation IT Outsourcing by CompuCom, June 2008 (400 Kb)
  New Offering Helps Companies Succed in Leading Their Outsourcing Efforts without Full-Time Consulting Assistance by Everest Group, 2008 (280 Kb)
  IT Outsourcing Reasons for SMBs by Outsourcing Factory Incorporated. 2008 (292 Kb)
  2008 Spending on IT services – New Paradigm, or Continuous Denial by Everest Global,Inc. 2008 (436 Kb)
  IT Outsourcing Challenges and Solutions by, July 2008 (44 Kb)
  IT Outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe by PMR Publications. September 2008 (596 KB)
  Maturing Outsourcing Market – Impact on the Suppliers and Sourcing Advisory Markets by Rick Lucas, Director, Outsourcing Support Services. 2008 (112 KB)
  Everest Q2 Report: Europe, Captives Driving Strong Outsourcing Market by Everest Research Institute. August 13, 2008 (144 KB)
  Remote InfrastructureManagement: The New Outsourcing Frontier by CompuCom. July 2008 (268 KB)
  Shared Services for General and Administrative Functions Deciding Between Internal and Outsourced Models by SAP White Paper. 2008 (408 KB)
  Managing Multiple Outsourcing Relationship by Everest Research Institute. 2008 (156 KB)
  Topics: FAO, Global Sourcing, HRO, ITO, PO, and Supplier Intelligence by Everest. October 2008 (176 Kb)
  Business Process Utility: Accelerating Change Through Standardization by ACS. September 30, 2008 (140 KB)
  Seven IT Strategies to Help Survive the Downturn by CompuCom. April 2008 (344 KB)
  Winning outsourcing strategies by Quocirca.October 2008 (892 KB)
  IT Offshoring to Eastern Europe: Background report by Lorenzo De Santis. September 2008 (92 KB)
  Study Shows Companies’ Offshoring Plans not Slowed by Global Financial Crisis by ASPIRE. 08/12/2008 (136 KB)
  Mitigating Transformational Risks in Business Process Outsourcing Exploring the Little-Known Role of Software by SAP. April 2008 (563 KB)


  Talking a Reality Check on Today’s Outsourcing Market by EquaTerra. 2007 (116 KB)
  The Myths and Realities of Product Development And Outsourcing by Xoriant Corporation. 2007 (61 KB)
  Central & Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review 2007 by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, April 2008 (1700 Kb)
  Best Practices in Offshore Outsourcing by Outsourcinf Center, 2007 (156 Kb)
  Vendor-Managed Inventory in IT by Everest Global, Inc. 2007 (264 Kb)
  The Role of Tools in IT Infrastructure by Everest Research Institute. 2007 (824 Kb)
  Ongoing Evolution in the IT Outsourcing Market by Everest Global,Inc. 2007 (164 Kb)
  Beyond labor arbitrage: achieving operational excellence through business process outsourcing by Hewlett-Packard Development Company. December 2007 (568 KB)
  Quality Governance and Testing in Outsourcing by AppLabs. 7th May, 2007 (364 Kb)
  Outsourcing Best Practices – A Primer on Outsourcing Governance by Chuck Vermillion, CEO, OneNeck IT Services. 2007 (148 KB)
  The Myths and Realities of Product Development And Outsourcing by Xoriant Corporation. 2007 (61 KB)


  Outsourcing Management Software Tools by EquaTerra. December 2006. (193 KB)
  Offshore Outsourcing by Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. 2006 (104 KB)
  The Overlooked Potential for Outsourcing in Eastern Europe by McKinsey, 2006 (141 Kb)
  IT Outsourcing in the Small and Medium Businesses by Everest Research Institute, 2006 (296 Kb)
  Infrastructure Management Outsourcing by Everest Research Institute. 2006 (236 Kb)
  Nearshoring to Central and Eastern Europe by Deutsche Bank Research. August 14, 2006 (296 KB)
  Impact of Offshore Services on BPO Adoption by NelsonHall. September 2006 (456 Kb)
  Outsourcing the finance function by KMPG. February 2006 (48 Kb)
  Outsourcing IT in the Financial Services: Neashore or Offshore? by Luxoft/NOA. (1387 Kb)


  AT Kearney Report on Offshore Outsourcing, 2004 (423 Kb)
  NeoIT Report on Eastern Europe, 2004 (923 Kb)
  The Total Cost of Offshore Outsourcing (474 Kb)
  Offshore 2005 Research Preliminary Findings and Conclusions by Phillip J. Hatch, President, Ventoro. October 11, 2004 (1167 KB)
  Managing Government and Healthcare IT Outsourcing in Europe by Yu-Che Chen, James L. Perry. 2004 (368 Kb)


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