IT outsourcing requires transition plans

Individuals working in IT support should ensure they formulate a smooth transition to outsourced services, it has been stated.

According to OMC Partners, businesses should be sure to outline the “control points” that are most important to them when making the move towards IT outsourcing projects.

David Ellis, partner at the firm, said organisations might make the transition easier for users by sending out an IT support worker to help with any obstacles encountered.

“Some organisations are relaxed about certain controls – other organisations want to be right on top of that until they are more comfortable,” Mr Ellis noted.

In other news, Gartner recently stated that many IT managers are failing to identify key risks when evaluating cloud computing contracts.

According to the firm, while cloud hosted services can save money, there can also be hidden costs which must be taken into account in order to produce an accurate prediction of their overall value.

Source: ihotdesk

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