IT Outsourcing Revolution Kick-starts in Eastern Europe

IT outsourcing world has traditionally been confined to countries such as India, China and Russia. This is mostly because of the cheap labour and other benefits that outsourcing companies perceive to gain in these countries. However, recent trends indicate that Eastern European countries are creating a revolution in the world of IT outsourcing, and have begun to create a niche for themselves.

Particularly, Romania and Hungary have been the centre of attraction due to their political stability, good infrastructure and less bureaucratic policies. The geopolitical circumstances of countries like India, China and Russia have been marred by civil wars, communist and socialist policies and terrorism. These risks have made western companies to question the wisdom of outsourcing IT related tasks to these traditional destinations.

Experts at Pragmatic Outsourcing, an Australia-based source for companies and individuals who are striving hard to discover new developers for IT outsourcing feel that Eastern European offshore vendor selection companies have the best business models, great contracts and even engagement models. These advantages clearly make Hungary and Romania some of the most desirable offshoring destinations, when compared with traditional outsourcing destinations like India or China.

Moreover, the fact that these companies are associated with the European Union also makes sure that the quality of IT outsourcing services provided by them are of utmost quality. It would be interesting to observe the new revolution that has slowly begun to take place in the world of IT outsourcing. Of course, one may not witness an exodus of IT companies towards Eastern Europe, but slowly but steadily countries like Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria will grab opportunities that India, China and Russia previously took for granted.

Source: distantjob

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