Central and eastern Europe to join IT outsourcing revolution

The key trends for IT outsourcing in 2010 have been revealed by IT Sourcing Europe.

Focussing primarily on central and eastern Europe, the in-depth study took into account the growing interest in IT outsourcing in the UK.

According to the findings, outsourcing will grow exponentially over the next ten years, with investors and managers anticipating 30 per cent revenue growth.

As well as cost factors, businesses will also seek to outsource in order to take advantage of the expertise offered by providers.

The majority of respondents to the survey said that IT outsourcing would help them to make their companies more efficient and therefore more profitable.

IT Sourcing Europe said the shift towards a reliance on outsourcing would help stimulate growth in the European tech sector as many countries continued their recovery from the recession.

The firm provides European companies with intelligence reports on the key trends and developments in the outsourcing industry across Europe.

Source: ihotdesk

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