Outsourcing providers can offer IT security on a budget

Businesses may turn to IT outsourcing in a bid to reduce their IT security budgets after Gartner advised firms to spend less this year.

The industry analyst said the range and number of threats is likely grow but companies are “safe” to reduce their security budgets.

As some businesses lack the expertise to deliver secure IT systems on a budget, IT outsourcing providers may provide the ideal solution.

Gartner previously advised firms to set aside nine per cent of their budget to deal with security threats but said this can now be reduced to six per cent.

“Determining how much a specific organisation spends on information security is not an easy exercise, particularly during a time of economic uncertainty,” said Vic Wheatman, research director at Gartner.

David Tripier, chief marketing officer for USB-stick security company IronKey, recently said outsourcing could help businesses to enhance their data security.

Source: ihotdesk

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