IT Service providers can benefit businesses

Many businesses investing in IT outsourcing expect radical change and widespread benefits, and according to one expert, service providers can deliver.

Lee Ayling’s latest blog for, entitled The Outsourcing Debate, reveals that senior IT outsourcing buyers want innovation to drive the growth of their businesses.

“Innovation is not to be confused with continuous service improvement, it’s radical change rather than incremental change and is likely to create business-wide benefits,” he said.

Having consulted with top industry professionals, he says their number one priority is to establish “transparent and collaborative” relationships with service providers.

In addition, those providers “need to have a deep understand of a client’s business in order to innovate”.

Companies should not be afraid to invest in order to drive this innovation, as ultimately it will increase efficiency and profitability, he concluded.

According to, many companies have turned to IT outsourcing in a bid to innovate and overcome the impact of the credit crunch.

Source: ihotdesk

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