IT Reforms by Ukrainian Government

IT Reforms by Ukrainian Government

Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and Dmitry Shymkiv, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office (former General Manager at Microsoft Ukraine) have announced about creating of a platform –

The site will contain the tasks and reforms for deregulation of Ukrainian law system. A separate part of the site is dedicated to the Ukrainian IT area.

At the moment it contains 14 tasks that should be completed in the nearest future. The highest priorities are implementation of 3G network, electronic documentation, cancelling licensing of electronic money and others. Check below all 14 tasks.


So at the moment all tasks are:

  1. To simplify the procedure of work permission for foreign IT specialists that are going to work in Ukraine;
  2. To ensure the protection of intellectual property rights according to the international standards;
  3. To ensure the development of e-commerce market;
  4. To register and to submit to Parliament Draft Law “Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (about improvement of legal software regulation)”;
  5. To simplify (or to cancel) the licensing of electronic money and its administration;
  6. To protect the key elements of telecommunication infrastructure (prohibition of servers removal or networks disconnection);
  7. To simplify the process of receiving a license and permits in IT area;
  8. To cancel the obligatory labeling with checkmarks;
  9. To share the database from with everyone who can process, analyze and present the data;
  10. To open a list of registration applications of intellectual property;
  11. To allow to register companies and bank accounts abroad;
  12. To implement electronic documentation in order to equate it with paper documentation;
  13. To ensure a right the for obtaining a license for 3G connection;
  14. To provide the publication of an application for an industrial design to allow third parties to object it if it does not match with the requirements of patentability.

According to Shymkiv, the deregulation in IT area will bring almost 6 Bln UAH to state budget.

In the neaby future, the project team is going to detail each project. It is expected that their implementation will improve Ukraine’s position in the ranking “Doing Business”.

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