IT workers putting company data at risk

The number of IT security professionals failing to protect company data may encourage some businesses to take up IT outsourcing.

A survey of workers in the industry found 52 per cent of respondents do not encrypt company data when carrying it on a USB stick.

On top of that, 11 per cent only used passwords as a form of protection, which is widely known as an insufficient measure.

The study, sponsored by Credant Technologies, involved 277 IT security professionals and reveals a worrying lack of security-consciousness.

Sean Glynn, vice president and chief marketing officer of Credant Technologies, said: “If over half of this IT-savvy audience are carrying unprotected sensitive information on USB sticks… it makes me question just how big this problem is and, more importantly, what needs to happen to make organisations wake up to the risk.”

According to industry expert David Tripier, it is crucial for organisation to have “encrypted and highly secure” platforms looked after by experts.

Source: ihotdesk

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