iTechArt Partners with 10gen on MongoDB

iTechArt Partners with 10gen on MongoDB

iTechArt Group, one of the largest system integrators and a leader in the IT consulting market in Eastern Europe is proud to announce their most recent strategic alliance with 10gen, creators of the NoSQL open source database MongoDB.
10gen develops MongoDB, a relatively new breed of database, and offers production support and training for the open source database. The company is backed by leading venture capital firms who have invested in established leaders such as Oracle, Cisco and Apple as well as rapidly growing internet companies like Zynga and Twitter.

iTechArt has been working hard to keep up with the latest technologies, to attain certifications, and establish partnerships that are crucial to supporting our clients and providing them with the best products the market has to offer. MongoDB is a practical database designed to handle the problems that engineers in the real world have. MongoDB is designed by people who’ve built large-scale web apps, and want to build the perfect database for the web apps that they were building and to solve practical problems that their clients actually have.

The partnership between 10Gen and iTechArt will significantly expand the range of portal solutions delivered to the North American market, and more importantly, will enable our clients to increase efficiencies using MongoDB.

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