Itransition in Global Outsourcing 2008 Listings

This May International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has announced the leaders and rising stars in global software outsourcing.  Itransition Company is again recognized for its extensive growth and superior management capabilities, and named in 2008 Global Outsourcing 100 Listings in 3 categories: Number of Centers Worldwide, Employee Growth and Employee Presence in Europe. The opening of new representative offices in the Netherlands, Estonia, and the USA has facilitated yet another revenue and employee growth at Itransition.  

Global Outsourcing 100 lists serve as a benchmark for thousands of vendors and customers worldwide who want to do business with the best in the industry.

The thorough assessment of the company’s processes, practices, key financial figures, customer satisfaction indicators, technical expertise, and project experience was performed prior to including Itransition in the 2008 Global Software Outsourcing 100 lists. Independent judges have been impressed by Itransition high levels of customer and industry recognition, growth rates, and employee management practices.

The print version of the special feature on Global Outsourcing 100 Listings (IAOP) can be found in FORTUNE 500 issue of FORTUNE® magazine.

Source: Itransition

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