Webinar “Java Developer Toolkit 2018″

Webinar “Java Developer Toolkit 2018″
Start: December 18, 2018
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A programmer starts learning any programming language with syntax, basic types and operators. Next comes the studies of embedded libraries. In the case of Java, these are collections, an I / O library, and multi-threaded applications.

What to study next? And then it turns out that basic Java covers only a smaller part of its needs, and there are a large number of libraries and frameworks that are necessarily used in modern projects. In addition, the technology stack is updated every 5-7 years and you need to follow the latest changes and news in the Java world.

At this webinar, the attention will be paid to the following groups of technologies that are relevant for 2018:

1) Web servers and containers, using DI
2) databases (relational and NoSQL)
3) means of access and data processing, including data caching
4) messaging systems
5) code testing and mock dependencies
6) assembly of applications, etc.



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