Java, JavaScript, or C#? Which programming language earns you the most?

Java, JavaScript, or C#? Which programming language earns you the most?

Demand for technology contractors continues to grow with day rates, increasing by an average of 2.8% in the past year, up from 1.8% the year before.

According to the survey by recruitment firm Hays, developer roles have seen pay grow across almost all UK regions. For Java developers, demand is often outstripping supply, it said, noting that development roles in digital technology have seen pay rise by 4.9% since last year.
It said functional testing roles, such as test analysts and senior test analysts, have also seen significant day rate increases, as have QA analysts. It said contractors working in cloud computing and infrastructure roles saw a 3.8% average day rate increase.

A junior web developer — by which Hays seem to mean back-end web developer — with PHP, Ruby or Perl skills can expect a typical day-rate of £350 while a senior web developer could expect £525, it said. A senior front-end developer with JavaScript, HTML and or CSS skills could expect £500 as a day-rate, according to the Hays Technology Contractor Day Rate Guide. It said an iOS or Android mobile developer could expect £550 a day on average.

A junior Java developer can typically expect £350 a day, rising to £500 for a Java developer, £600 for a technical lead and £700 a day for a software architect. Developers with C#, or skills out-earned Java developers by £50 a day at each level according to the report. 

Data on developers rates

The highest paid development role was development director, earning an typical £900 day. 

All of these rates are for London; outside the capital rates are lower; in the case of Northern Ireland a development director would make £450 a day, a junior web developer around £150. However, because of variations in the cost of living, some tech workers may be better off outside of London.

There are also healthy pay rates on offer for some cloud computing skills. An AWS architect can expect a typical £650 a day; a cloud infrastructure.

Source: ZDNet

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