JSK “ZTR” started implementation of CRM-module of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

JSK “ZTR” together with Innoware started implementation of CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. Within the project, the transition from old version of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the new one will be fulfilled.

Strengthening competition, and, as a result, increased role of sales department in successful functioning of the enterprise was one of the main reasons of the project. Top-management of the plant analysed ERP market, considered different proposals – from stand-alone solutions up to CRM as a part of ERP and finally decided to implement CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 with Innoware. In the long term, implementation of CRM as a part of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 would allow not only to manage sales activities effectively, but also to solve a number of other challenging tasks.

“New version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is attractive for ZTR because, in comparison with an old one, this platform is more productive and contains new client’s relationships, service, manufacturing and project management functions. Also, it is not necessary to purchase new user licenses because ZTR had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 earlier” – comments Vitaly Kurdyumov, head of sales department, Innoware.

“When we were choosing a partner for implementation, we took into account that Innoware had successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 for our company earlier, and our specialists already acquainted with Innoware’s project team and project methodology” – comments Sergey Eryomin, CIO, ZTR.

It is planned, that the project will be finished within 9-10 months. Top-management of ZTR expects, that effectiveness of sales department (and company’s income, as a result ) will be increased because of sales activities’ optimization. Sales managers will be able to provide more quick and qualified service for the customers, also they will have the ability more deeply analyze and forecast sales. In addition, CRM implementation will help to coordinate sales activities not only in headquarter, but also in the subsidiaries. After the project, transition to Microsoft Dynamics will allow to start considering a number of the prospective directions of enterprise automation.

Source: Innoware

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