Keeping the balance with the Business Process Outsourcing Metrics

Keeping the balance with the Business Process Outsourcing Metrics
Start: August 13, 2011
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Metrics are many uses for a business. But for a call center or business process outsourcing business metrics are the methods used to obtain the balance of the organization maintains. Metrics are nothing more than the variable data that can dive and climb, as each table turnover. It depends on the performance of the company and its employees. When the graph starts dip, is a red flag that signals the company from a decline. The decline could be the productivity of employees,Sale or quality of the product. The manager must be a way to neutralize or enhance to find the decline. Balance – This is the fundamental goal of business process outsourcing metrics.

BPO companies often embrace common performance metrics, such as CSAT or customer satisfaction, quality and AHT or average handling time. There may be other possible parameters, but the three are usually the main ingredients. Call centers, medical transcription provider, BPO and other companies regularlyare customers who require strict deadlines and tight. On behalf of the customer, the company should measure the degree of customer satisfaction, quality of management, and the success rate of contact, in case of a call center. With metrics, not just the BPO, but also for the customer and the customer. It is a tedious process that requires balance in all three components.

However, it is difficult to maintain balance in these three areas, particularly if theBusiness Processing Outsourcing attempted to increase the degree of customer satisfaction for their calls. Magnifying one component often leads to another compromise. In this case, focusing too much on reducing the demand of customers, the AHT or average duration of treatment, because the call center agents will devote more time to solve the problem or concern to the customer. On the contrary, with the aim of the low average duration of treatment leads to a decrease in quality.

To resolve this problem, modern tools of BPO metrics hour package of its system with three different sub-meter. Each of these parameters is concentrated on a single aspect, but all three are monitoring the same time maintain their balance. These three aspects are outsourced, outsourcing and outsourcing.

Task Outsourcing metric center of his activities at the testing tasks. They examine how the employee tasks and analyze the success rate for their services. Task> Outsourcing Metrics includes four perspectives in business process outsourcing: operational efficiency, strategic perspective, the quality of the service, and financial perspective. Deal metric sample with a percentage of the savings in operating costs as a percent deviation from the present and the percentage increase in profits.

The second sub-metric is responsible for product outsourcing. If the task of outsourcing the entry with something to do product outsourcing hasMetrics are more open out. We are the activities related to product supply, integration capabilities, reporting, continuous and wise use of resources, to name a few. Example metrics can relate to the percentage increase in cot work, higher spending on research and development, operating costs and increase revenue.

Metrics-service outsourcing are also concerns about the outcome, this time more on the intangibles. In addition to maintaining the averageDealing with the time on a scale of interesting figures about outsourcing service integration capability of employees, privacy issues, the percentage of completion of the task, and to evaluate the accuracy of the operations.

Despite the presence of these three sub-meters in the metric of business process outsourcing, it is eighth to even better for the BPO companies in order to balance the three components. Because the systems are metric depends only human inputs and tools, managers should keep the average valuesSatisfaction with the quality, average duration of treatment and customer feedback.

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